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Concurso Browning/Winchester para ganhar o reembolso da sua carabina.

Subscription Limit Date • 2020-10-31


1. Select your country

Only the special offers available in your selected country will be displayed, in accordance with the terms and conditions of each offer.

2. Select the special offer you are interested in

Select the special offer that matches the product you recently purchased. You have up to two weeks after the special offer ends to sign up.

3. Have your product purchase receipt(s) and serial number(s) to hand

You will be asked for a copy of your purchase receipt.
The serial number is included on the product or packaging.
You will need them to complete your registration and for your reward to be approved.

4. Have your shotgun certificate/rifle certificate to hand

You will be asked for a copy of your shotgun certificate/rifle certificate.

5. Just fill in the fields on the appropriate form

The form will be used to approve your request and send you your reward. You will receive your rebate or gift, subject to terms and conditions, 6 to 8 weeks after you sign up.

That’s all there is to it! Thank you for buying from us. We hope you enjoy your purchase.

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