Live your Pro Shooting Experience right now and achieve perfection in shooting and hunting!

For only £ 49 take a 1h shooting session supported by a qualified instructor with a Browning or Winchester rifle mounted with a Kite Optics scope. A Winchester Ammunition box is included in the price!*

Enjoy your experience and get a £ 49 cashback on your rifle if you buy it after your shooting session!

How to proceed? So easy!
1. Take part in the Pro Shooting Experience at Silverstone Shooting Centre
2. At the end of your exclusive experience, you’ll get a VOUCHER
3. Visit one of our Browning Dealer Partner
4. Get a £ 49 cashback after buying your own Browning or Winchester rifle!**

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You can try the following rifles at the Silverstone Shooting Center: Browning X-Bolt Pro, Browning X-Bolt, Browning A-Bolt, Browning MARAL, Browning T-Bolt, Winchester Wildcat, Winchester XPR, Winchester M70 and Winchester M94.

See you soon at the Silverstone Shooting Centre for a Pro Shooting Experience!

*20-rounds for the rifles in 243 Win, 223 Rem or 308 Win, 50-rounds for Browning T-Bolt, 100 rounds for Winchester Wildcat
**the wildcat is not concerned by this casback offer

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